About Me

   Hi, my name is Lauren, but I am known as Lo. I am a wife to a Godly man, and mom to several little humans. I am originally from Indiana, but recently my family and I relocated to the west coast! 


        Back in 2013 The Lord saved me. I didn’t know it at the time, but that is when my life changed dramatically. It is what I call my humbling period. During this time I made everyone Lord over Him. My husband came before everyone, and I made no apologies for that. Sure, I professed to love Christ but I was A MESS. A major life event happened and I was lost. 


       I reconnected with a sweet friend from previous years and she began to pour into me. She was such a joy to be around and her love for The Lord was evident. She began planting seeds about God and who He is and I knew I wanted more. I would ask her lots questions and initially she would provide me with answers, but slowly began directing me towards His Word so that I could see for myself. I didn’t own a Bible and didn’t know where to even begin. It was a little intimidating to me to think that she was encouraging me to seek His Word and find out answers on my own! I wasn’t ready to venture off and lose the edifying friendship I had with her.  I remember meeting with her before Christmas and she brought a gift for me--my very own Bible. My first Bible. Although I now have other Bibles I still have the one she gifted to me. It is near and dear to me. I get a little choked up when I think about how The Lord allowed our paths to reconnect again and how He showed His love to me through my friend.


     I wish I could say that this was the beginning of my faithful walk with The Lord and I have been a “good lady” ever since, but I can’t say that. Becoming a new believer was a struggle. I got baptized and started attending a Church of Christ congregation. That didn’t last long as I started reading The Bible more and realizing that some of their beliefs were not aligned with what I read in The Bible. I also had that dear friend still pouring into me and asking me questions about the Church of Christ that quite frankly I didn’t have the answers to. I soon left that church and started to listen to sermons online.


     I wanted to get that hunger back for God’s word. My friend introduced me to Bible teacher John MacArthur and I was so thankful! I had never heard preaching like that. I remember listening to his sermons and feeling like a filthy sinner, but also being taught the true gospel, and seeing the gospel for what is truly is! The GOOD NEWS!  It was so refreshing to hear that kind of preaching. I wanted more. I wish I could say right after that I went to a Bible believing church. Instead, I went to a mega church for a while that was initially teaching from The Bible but eventually became member directed. God’s word was mishandled. I say all of this to show how much glory God gets in all of this. From the moment my life changed in 2013 He has been there. He saved me and there is nothing that I could do to contribute to that. HE SAVED ME.


I know what it is like to be a new believer and a young believer. I know how difficult it is to battle against the flesh. I didn’t have to walk alone as a new believer and one of the reasons I created this blog was to create a space where I can write about real struggles. No fluff and frill-- just real topics that we as believers face and will continue to face until Jesus returns. We are imperfect humans with a perfect Savior.


Romans 8:1 “ There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

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