Written by Betsy

I’m Betsy and I’m one of the co-hosts of Women of The Table. I lived for years thinking that I was going to heaven because I asked “Jesus in my heart”, volunteered at church and outwardly I acted like a good and moral person. Nothing horrible was happening in my life. I had a great husband who was on staff at our church as the middle school youth director who loved learning and reading the Bible and who was passionate about sharing the Gospel. That had to count for something in my favor, right? It made me look good to have such a good Godly husband. My kids were healthy, we had a decent home and even a minivan. I volunteered for nursery on Sunday mornings and attended just about everything that was happening at the church. I had no idea how desperately I needed to surrender my life to Jesus Christ and how lost I was.

One January morning I woke up before my kids did and began reading a book. I had decided as a New Year’s resolution that I was going to start reading more books and this particular one about was about marriage. Our marriage was fine but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to just start with that one since it was short. The book began with how our relationship with God was far more important than any other relationship we have on earth. It was more critical than my marriage and it was something that was everlasting. It then moved forward talking about the need to prioritize that relationship with our Creator above all things. That hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized I didn’t have a personal relationship with God. 

I realized the depravity of my sins for the very first time and the weight of that sin felt physically heavy in my body. I knew right then Jesus was not the Lord of my life, I didn’t search for him daily and my relationship with the Father was non-existent. I was willfully disobeying God in my heart and only cared about how I outwardly look. 

I was an enemy of God and yet he still loved me so much that he sent Jesus to die in my place! Everything just clicked in that moment. I cried out to God in repentance and asked him to be everything in my life. The weight of my sin was then lifted. My eyes were opened and I had been saved! I have a new life in Christ Jesus and I haven’t been the same since! Everyday God has been faithful to me even when I’ve been rebellious and unfaithful to Him. He sanctifies me daily through the Bible, the Holy Spirit and my brothers and sister in Christ. 

Our hope at Women of the Table is to always present the Gospel in everything we do and give God all the glory through it all.


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