Blinded by a False Gospel for 34 Years

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Written by Deborah Untch

To understand my salvation story here’s a little information about me. 

I am the oldest daughter, by 4 years, of both parents who have already passed away.  My sister was the beloved child & I still remember to this day out shopping with my mom. I heard her say to my sister get any toy you want. I piped up “can I get a toy”?  An emphatic NO. 

Our mom would occasionally take us to church. I specifically remember going to a Presbyterian Church. Our mom let it be known she was taking us to church while our dad was in a bar drinking. My dad would later in life become a Christian. 

My sister and I didn’t realize growing up our mom had paranoid schizophrenia. This all came to a boiling point in my teenage years. It was just me in the house and my mom backed me into a corner and said “you have a date with the devil tonight” as in she was threatening to kill me. I screamed so loud my sister could hear it walking home from school outside. I don’t know how long it took but my dad appeared out of nowhere and threw her off me. 

My childhood had a significant impact on my life. I always felt unworthy, unloved. I struggled with depression/anxiety. 

A friend from high school invited me to a Southern Baptist Church. I walked the aisle and “gave my life to Christ” & was “baptized” in 1972. After I got married I walked away from the church and that was in 1975 at the age of 20. 

Fast forward to 1983 when my daughter was born (I was married at the time to my now ex-husband who was very abusive) I was ecstatic and she became my whole life. 

It was during these years when God was knocking but I wasn’t answering. 

First, I had a vivid dream where the rapture had taken place and I wasn’t taken. It was so vivid. I remember jumping up saying you forgot me. I did nothing. 

Second, I was driving home from visiting my husband where he had been in the hospital for surgery. I remember so clearly I was listening to the Reader’s Digest Christmas CD. It was dark outside and the thought of eternity popped into my mind. My mind was thinking no end no end and it scared me. I remember shaking my head and it went away. God was really knocking but I believed the lie of Satan because I was shown eternity in heaven but didn't think about the opposite. 

Come March 25, 2002 My dad died suddenly of a heart aneurysm. I made a couple a commitment to start going back to church in September of that same year. Later that same year I went forward to “recommit my life to Christ” but I still felt empty. Every time it was the alter call I would pray to God. 

My sister had her eyes opened to God’s truth and she kept trying to “talk” to me about it and I wanted nothing to do with it even though I was going to church and “thought” I was a Christian. 

In 2009 that pastor had left the church and another pastor came and he started preaching expository and he started in the Sermon on the Mount. God FINALLY opened my eyes to the truth of the gospel. The gospel of Grace Ephesians 2:8-9. I was truly baptized for the first time. 

So from 1975-2009 I was believing in a false gospel, 34 years. 

I would commend ANYBODY to read the scriptures and examine themselves. Read 1 John. 

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