He Opened my Eyes to the True Gospel

Written by Nicole Guillory

First I would like to say that I give God the glory for all He has done. Without Christ I would have no testimony to share.

I grew up believing in God as the creator of all things, and I even as a child said my prayers each night. My mom is a Christian and brought us up in the church. My dad was not a Christian, but made it a household rule that we all had to attend Sunday morning church. I even did the whole alter call and was baptized at 16.

Like many kids who grow up attending church, I quit going when I turned 18 and moved out to do my own thing. I spent two years partying and doing all the worldly things that any unsaved person does. I calmed down and met my now husband when I was 21 & he was 19. Soon we had 3 girls and life was as good.

Eight years into our marriage my whole life came crumbling down. My husband had a brief affair and I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do about the situation. So just like my mom, who was committed to her marriage and children, I forgave and moved on. The pain was still there though, and I no longer looked at my husband the same.

I was hating the person that I was becoming. This is when I turned to God for help. I started going back to the same charismatic church that I grew up in, and life was getting back on track. I was now living the same pattern as a child. Believing in God, saying my prayers, and going to church on Sundays. Even though life was good and my husband was fully my husband again, I still felt empty. This is when I cried out to God alone in my living room late at night. It was a night that I will never forget because this is when my true salvation occurred. I had no idea of what true repentance was or anything like that, and yet that’s what I did. I truly repented and truly felt sorrow for my sins. That night was all God, not me!

Soon after all I wanted to do was read God’s word. I discovered men like Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, John MacArthur, Steve Lawson, etc. I was so amazed how I could now actually read the Bible and understand it.

Now that my eyes where opened to the truth of the gospel, I immediately saw the errors in the church that I was attending. I left the charismatic church and starting attending a Baptist church. When I was a child I believed in God, but didn’t know God. Now by the grace of God, I now live to truly serve our Lord and Savior.

God has healed me from the hurt and pain, and has shown me, through His word, that I was in need of Christ. I am no better than anyone else, and everyone needs to hear the good news of Christ. We all have sinned and fell short, so I am in no position to ever look down on my husband or anyone else. Instead I pray for those who are lost.

Thank you Jesus for all that You have done! Please share this testimony (or any of the others on our blog) with friends and loved ones!


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