He Left the 99 for Me

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Written by Lizzie

My name is Lizzie and Jesus Christ saved my life. He saved my soul but also my life, and now I get to live for him!

I was born into a church going Christian family and knew the name of Jesus... I even responded to an altar call at a Billy Graham crusade at age 12, although I didn’t truly know him until I was 33.

I was molested at 3 and I think that shaped my sexuality into adulthood. It was always way off and I was very promiscuous and had same sex attraction as well. I looked to men to fill a void in my life for as long as I can remember. Then drugs and alcohol came in and I finally thought I could breathe and relax, but I was so wrong. I began to drink alcohol and do drugs at age 17 and then my troubles began.

I was married to someone I didn’t know after 2 weeks who ended up being a heroin addict. We were arrested and charged with felony assault as co defendants and God had mercy and the case was dropped. We continued to drink and do drugs until I became sober at 24 by the grace of God Who I didn’t obey. That marriage fell apart as I committed adultery and then he left for another woman when I begged for forgiveness. I was alone so I married the next man I found who ended up being a drug addict as well and then I relapsed. My new husband abused me and I ended up in the hospital after he banged my head against a brick wall. I left then begged him back because I was scared to be alone and he ended up leaving me alone again and kept doing drugs.

I began to live with men and sleep with men and pose online and do pornographic modeling. I was dying and one night I overdosed and felt my spirit leaving my body, I felt the demons tormenting me and suffocating me. I saw them. I whispered the only name I knew that could save, “Jesus” and I could breathe again.

I started to read my bible and tried to get to know Him, but I continued to do drugs. One day The spirit of God called me to really follow HIM and not be a hypocrite. I got on my knees and cried out. Addicted to drugs, anorexic and miserable he gave me the power to throw all of my drugs away and I later found out the drugs I had were the ones killing people in my town because they were laced with fentanyl. He saved my life! After I threw them away I laid down and cried. He put me to sleep for 3 days and when I woke up I was a new person, PRAISE GOD! I have never done drugs again and I now have peace in any storm and am married to a man of God, who prays with me. Christ is the center of our marriage. I’m here for HIS kingdom now, not my own. Thank you JESUS for leaving the 99 for this little lost sheep. Thy will be done!

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