Written by Michelle

My name is Michelle and I'm one of the co-hosts of Women of the Table. The story of how the Father drew me to Himself starts out as a child to a teenage mother in a small town. Without a consistent father figure in my life, I naturally sought out the comfort and acceptance of my peers and boyfriends. My mother did her best, as a young mother, to attend church and instill moral values in me at an early age.

I grew up going to youth group and Sunday services every so often and keeping up appearances of a moral young woman. I avoided the party scene and had smart, wholesome friends. By my understanding, I was to go to Heaven because of my multiple sinner’s prayers throughout my childhood. However, Heaven didn’t seem appealing, but merely an escape from a Hell of my own imagining. Heaven seemed to be a place where I couldn’t be my true self, and even as a robotic type of existence. I saw Hell as a place that wasn’t really that bad, just undesirable. 

Entering into my freshman year of college, I was wrapped up in a disintegrating relationship from my high school years and was just looking to exercise my new independence to gratify whatever desires I had. I finally could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, without the pressure to keep up the appearance of my morality.

Glory be to God, about a week after moving into my dormitory, I met a sophomore who befriended me and happened to be in a campus ministry called Campus Outreach. She invited me out to coffee and shared the Gospel with me. She explained Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life, through Christ Jesus our Lord.” I realized I didn’t know what the Gospel was or that I was in need of a savior. I thought my morality, compared to others’ morality, would save me. My eyes were opened to the truth that I didn’t love Jesus or trust in what He did for me. Later that night, in prayer to God, I realized my guilt before Him and my need of Jesus’ righteousness to restore me. I cried myself to sleep that night in prayer.

In the morning, I awoke anew. I had never felt so light and alive. God so changed my heart and desires that I ended my sinful relationship immediately and felt the need to share this Gospel to all of my friends and family. God radically changed my trajectory and my heart. He continues to sanctify me through His Word, Spirit, and Body of believers. In the years since, He has remained faithful in my unfaithfulness and has shown me His holiness, power, and love to greater and greater degrees. I pray that Women of the Table serves believers and unbelievers, alike, in the presentation of the Gospel that has the power to save and is the fuel of our faith.

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