She Walks with God

She Walks With God by Kimberly Seaton

It’s not that her life is perfect, but the God she belongs to is,

She’s in love with the One who saved her and elated that she’s His.

Her confidence is in Him, who died to free her from all sin,

The One who promised never to leave her and is coming back again.

Sacred is the time she spends with Him in worship and in prayer,

Whether praising Him in joy or in sorrow she knows that He is there.

Her faith and hope rests in who He is not what the day may bring,

No matter the trial that comes her way, He’s her Great and Mighty King!

She trusts in the truth of His holy Word partaking on a daily basis,

Knowing she needs His wisdom and instruction for anything that she faces.

For every need and desire of her heart it’s on Him she can depend,

Even if she doesn’t get what she wants He’s still her closest Friend.

The love of her Savior flows through her in the way that she freely gives,

The Holy Spirit is her guide when choosing her words, thoughts and how she lives.

Her desire is to please her Father, no matter which way the world goes.

Even though Grace is a gift of God, it is to Him her life she owes.

Her identity resides not in who she is—but who she is in Christ,

She knows to walk with Him is to suffer and willingly sacrifice.

Joyfully she gives Him her all—her time, her talent and her treasure,

For the rewards of doing her Father’s will—has no earthly measure.

In Him she finds contentment and a peace she would otherwise never know,

She’s kept by the power of God whether on a mountain high or in a valley low.

She knows that discouragement is her enemy—not a place she longs to be,

She who walks with God in faith is a woman who has been set free.

© 2013 by Kimberly Seaton


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